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Our Services



1. Classic Pedicure $32

Indulge in a traditional pedicure completed with shaping and cuticle treatment, light exfoliation with a sugar scrub, lotion and the polish of your choice.


2. Spa Pedicure $40

A basic nail care will be provided, along with callus treatment. Not only are your legs, your feet and your heels are also exfoliated by our sugar scrub. Finishing with lotion and warm towels.

3. Aroma Pedicure $47

On this Aromatic pedicure, your toes will be bathed in Aroma Soak. An Aromatic Sugar Scrub is included for exfoliation. Followed with a Nourishing Mask and warm towels wrap. Finishing with a hot stone massage, using our Aroma Massage Cream.

4. Ocean Fresh Pearl Pedicure $57

Enjoy your lustrous skin from inner glow by soaking your feet with Real Pearl Powder. A deep hydration will help soften rough and tired skin. Getting exfoliated by the Pearl Powder Sugar Scrub. Follow up with the Pearl Powder Mask wrapped by the warm towels. A hot stone massage is next performed with the Massage Gel. Finally, Pearl Powder Cream is applied to moisturize.

5. Honey Green Tea Pedicure $62

Green tea is full of antioxidants with potent skin-healing powers combined with honey helps nourish and protect the skin. Your feet are getting softened in a Green Tea Soak, exfoliated rough and dry skin with Honey Green Tea Sugar Scrub. Warm towels are now applied on top of our Honey Green Tea Mask in order to prevent damage to skin cells, while getting your feet dipped into our Paraffin Wax. Massage Gel is next to apply, followed by a hot stone massage and finished with Moisturizing Cream.

6. Jelly Spa Pedicure $67

Our Jelly Pedi includes a very unique gelatinous texture and high-quality ingredients. You are getting soaked and rubbed in a bath with formed Jelly. We will be using a sugar scrub to gently exfoliate your legs and feet. A thin layer of mask is next to be spread all over the legs. A pair of warm towels are now wrapped to allow the deep absorption of the mask, while your feet are getting Paraffin Wax treatment. Massage cream is next applied, a hot stone massage is followed up.

7. Golden CBD Pedicure $75

Let our CBD Gold pedicure transport you to the island. You will first get to soak with activated CBD Detox Crystals. CBD can provide many benefits that you will love. Our CBD Sugar Scrub will slough and buff the dead skin away, unveiling new healthy skin. A CBD Mask will be applied below the knees to the ankles, followed with warm towels wrapped while your feet are being moisturized by our Vitamin Socks. Your stress is getting reduced, your pain is getting relieved with our hot stone massage, along with CBD Lotion. Full-spectrum CBD will give you the greatest benefits!

8. Anti-aging Rejuvenation Pedicure $80

“Rejuvenation?” Yes!!! This pedicure is formulated all about Collagen. Beginning with a warm soothing bath made with Collagen Crystal Sea Salt which detoxifies and soothes the skin. Natural sugar and oils boost the vibrancy of skin, scrubbing and exfoliating will help tone and renew the texture. Collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles leaving skin younger-looking and feeling smooth. Next, your feet will be continuously pampered with our creamy Collagen Mask and wrapped with warm towels and a pair of Collagen Socks. After applying the Collagen Musclesrelaxing Gel, our hot stone massage will help to refresh and relax your muscles. Instantly revitalize tired legs and ease muscle tension with the move of the stones. We will be finishing with the Collagen Creamy Lotion. Your legs and feet are now hydrated and moisturized with natural oils and plant-based collagen, leaving skin silky and smooth throughout the day.

9. Ultimate Perfecting Serum Pedicure $90

Taking advantage of serum’s deep-penetrating characteristics to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients, our Serum pedicure provides the most effective and gratifying experience. Let’s get started:

1. First to submerge your soles in our warm Mineral foot bath, detox from impurities and replenish with minerals.

2. Next, we will apply the Refining Skin Polish (serum-based sugar scrub). The skin repair process will be helped to speed up through exfoliation.

3. Then, Clarifying Earth Masks will be applied underneath our therapy warm towels, allowing the mask to draw out the impurities from the skin. While your feet are getting dipped into the Paraffin Wax. This step is to ease the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Paraffin especially helps to reduce pain and loosen up your toes joints.

4. Hot stone massage is worked next with our Soothing Massage Cream.

5. To recharge skin cells with deep hydration, your legs are now absorbed with our Pure Skin Serum.

6. Last but not least, our Skin Perfecting Cream will help to lock in moisture. We use disposable sanitized pedi kit for all pedicure services ( file, buffer, pumice are included)

- All the pedicures come with Nail and Cuticle work, Regular Polish. - All the pedicures except for number 1 (classic Pedi) come with callus removal.

● Additional $15 for Gel Polish, $5 for french tip.

● Additional Paraffin Wax: $10

● Additional Collagen/ Vitamin Socks: $12



1. Regular Mani $27
2. Gel Mani $37
3. Collagen Mani (Gel +$15) $42

A luxurious Manicure with collagen to infuse your skin with moisture and help to maintain the skin younger-looking. Our anti-aging treatment includes shaping and cuticle work, exfoliation with collagen sugar scrub. Your hands are then wrapped with a warm towel, along with a collagen mask. This will leave you a smoothing skin feeling throughout the day.

French $5 extra
Design $5 +
Matte Top Coat $5


1. Full Set $46 +
2. White/ Pearl Tips $41 +
3. Colored Powder Full Set $51 +
4. Pink & White Full Set $55 +
5. Full Set Ombre $60 +
6. Fill-In $36 +
Take Off $5
Shape $5
Length $5 +
Design $5 +
Mani $10
Matte Top Coat $5


1. Organic Dip $45 +
2. Dip With Dip Take Off $48 +
3. Dip French $50 +
4. Dip Ombre $55 +
Add Tips $5
Length $5 +
Shape $5
Mani $10
Matte Top Coat $5


1. Pedicure $27
2. Manicure $22

(Gel polish: + $10)

3. Hand Polish Change Regular $10
4. Hand Polish Change Gel $20
5. Toe Polish Change Regular $15
6. Toe Polish Change Gel $25


1. Eyebrows $12
2. Lip $8
3. Chin $10
4. Neck $17
5. Whole Face $40
6. Half Arm $30 +
7. Full Arm $40 +
8. Under Arm $25 +
9. Half Leg $40 +
10. Full Leg $62 +
11. Back $52 +


1. Gel Color Change on Hand $25
2. Gel Color Change on Toe $30
3. Regular Color Change on Hand $15
4. Regular Color Change on Toe $20
5. Additional French Tips $5
6. Acrylic Take Off Without Service $15
7. Gel/ Dip Removal Without Service $10